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Network Support

We establishing the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation, defining, documenting. We design and implement new solutions and improve resilience of the current environment. We undertake data network fault investigations in Local and Wide area environments, using information from multiple sources. We upgrade data network equipment to the latest stable firmware releases. We configure routing and switching equipment.

IT Support

We Install, update, support and administer servers, computers, Local. Provide technical assistance for hardware and software operations. Analyze, support and coordinate requests for computer system service. Provide technical information and assistance for computer application operations. We Install, maintain and provide user support for software applications. We Install and maintain data communication, hardware and software. Area Networks (LANs/WLANs) and software applications.

Computer Repair

We maintain and repair computer equipment. We determine and install appropriate security measures. We configure computer networks. We provide technical support on-site or via phone or email or WhatsApp. We resolve technical issues and make documentation. We diagnose computer servers’ issues by using different types of test equipment and tools. We disassemble and reassemble computer units as per work instructions. We troubleshoot computer programs and networks..

IT Consultancy

Consulting staff from different parts of a client’s organisation. Analyzing an organisation’s data. Determining information system requirements and defining project objectives. Making recommendations, such as suggesting appropriate hardware, software and systems. Designing, installing and trialing new systems and software, and fixing any issues that arise. Compiling and presenting information. Writing reports and documentation. Repairing computer problems and removing viruses.

IT Replacement Parts Supply

We offer 3 months warranty on all of our products. Let us know the part component you’re looking for along with the make and model and we will advise you on availability and the best possible price as urgent as possible.

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